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Hello. We are Q for Media.

We are a small team of passionate people bringing you the best compilation of videos of the latest and trendiest inventions. Since 2015, we work hard to search for new material and keep you up-to-date on the best creative people and their inventions.

More About Us.

Quantum Tech HD has worked with numerous inventors, artists, professionals of very diverse fields and brands of products to develop the best compilations of all internet.

Currently, Quantum Tech HD is seen in more than 40 countries, thanks to the excellent work of the channel’s translation team.

More info?

Quantum Tech HD is a YouTube channel that already has more than 10 million subscribers and was created by 4 lifelong friends passionate about technology and innovation who wanted to develop a platform to share the best videos of inventions never seen before.


Discover our collaborative artists, people that search and find new paths in their art, from sculpture to painting. They create trends, invent shapes, colors, textures, letters for our greatest pleasure.


Because creation and invention doesn’t always must respond to a practical need but is often also poetical, inspirational and spiritual, we work with pictural and sculptural artists that are blowing limits of their arts.

Art & Creativity Channel

Quantastic is a community for art-lovers and like-minded creatives to come together and share ideas, techniques, and processes to inspire each other.

What is needed?

Whatever your particular talent or skill level, your interest might be here at Quantastic we have something to suit you! Subscribe now and join the community, enjoy amazing artists and videos, which will hopefully inspire you to create!

More info.

Quantastic counts with more than 3.5 M subscribers and more than views. It's another window for artists to show off their skills and uniqueness.

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