Discover our collaborative artists, people that search and find new paths in their art, from sculpture to painting. They create trends, invent shapes, colors, textures, letters for our greatest pleasure.

Cameron Porter (Cammie’s Garage)

Cammie worked for 20 years in the world of animation and design. He worked for several important productions, including the famous series “The Simpsons”. But this did not stop him from devoting time to another of his passions, art with wood, in which he now devotes all his time. His pieces are characterized by their curved shapes, so difficult to give to wood, creating real watermarks and even some animals.

“Although, I usually just call myself an artist. Being an artist can encompass many things. In my case, I had a 20-year career in the animation industry as an animator, layout artist and designer on many notable productions, including The Simpsons. Along the way I had many other artistic pursuits, including illustration, web development, graphic design, painting, photography, and videography. Most recently, I have dedicated myself full-time to woodworking, sculpture and online content creation.”

James Lewis

James is an artist somewhat different from the rest. His talent is based on the drawing of handmade commercial logos. Its accuracy, at the level of a computer, is impressive and the videos in which the artist can be seen doing his work can captivate your attention for hours. James has worked for BBC, Samsung, Redbull and many
other famous companies.

Callen Schaub

Callen is a Canadian abstract painter who exercises his emotions through colorful explorations, imaginative freedom, frank perspective and inventive processes.

Tamar. 3x3 Custom

3x3 Custom started when the creator was looking for an outdoor storage bench and she couldn’t find anything she liked. So she decided to instantly build it herself. She fell in love with power tools, hand tools and everything in between. She found in woodworking her new passion.

Sena Runa

Once Sena decided to leave the corporate world for good, she opened a new page in her life and decided to follow her biggest passion, art! She loves bringing fruitful colors to the lives of others and she enjoys spreading her joy in many places around the world.

Rich Brackett

Rich is a creative wood artist who combines the esthetic of noble woodwork with the epoxy resin. In his pieces we can see a striking contrast between the rudness of classic wood and hypnotizing colors mixed with the epoxy resin. Rich builds large tables and other furnitures and kitchen accessories.

Julian Szmania

Julian is a German artist who creates “rivertables”: Tables and other furniture in which a river is simulated with epoxy resin in the middle of the wood. The hypnotizing textures and colors of the river will keep your attention focused on the beauty of the contrast with the serenity of the wood.

Dan “Nuge” Nguyen


A young wood artist from Californian, a very special one in fact. He builds not only furniture, but his creations are pieces of art in themselves, beyond their utility in the home. Nuge creates textures similar to sheets wrinkled in the wood, where you can perceive the passion he dedicates to his work. He also uses colors to intensify the vibration of the textures. He will not disappoint you!

George Johnson

George Johnson’s pieces, always made by hand, are characterized by their great ingenuity. Among all his furnitures, its extendable circular tables are perhaps the most outstanding. Its original design gives it a particular elegance as well as a great utility.

A great carpenter able to give a great use to furniture without losing style and originality.

Annie Quigley

 Annie is not a ceramic artist like others. Her pieces are characterized by a delicate pattern carved delicately by hand when the ceramic is at the perfect level of humidity. Her work is characterized by the humility of the forms with an incredibly complex plot, of an obvious difficulty. The shadows that cast her pieces with a candle lit inside are of exceptional beauty and give an added value to her works.


“When I was four, people asked me what job I wanted to have if I was a grown-up; my answer was an artist. This answer hasn’t changed ever since.”

As a child, at age 4, Calder already knew that he wanted to be an artist. And so it has been. The young Dutchman, 16 years old, has recently found his passion in ceramics. His perfectionism has been satisfied in the lathe, since it allows him to create objects with
perfect geometrical shapes. Although he also creates very diverse forms and give free rein to his imagination. A very nice balance between rigor and freedom. In addition to the forms, his pieces are also characterized by their creative and original sets, using very creative techniques, as we can see on his Instagram page.
Calder sells his works in the markets, his favorite ones are the Christmas markets. His pieces can also be purchased on Etsy.

Jessie Wang


Jessi is a calligraphy and water color artist from Toronto. Her work is characterized by its simplicity in the layout and the elegance of its style. Her talent ranges from calligraphy to painting. Currently most of her contracts are for weddings or corporate events.
She combines her talent to create invitation cards (impossible to refuse) in which there is a balance between elegance and the intensity and vigor of the colors.

Mermaid Trash (Lauren MacLeod)

Lauren MacLeod was born in Florida, that’s where her passion for the sea comes from. Seeing how the sea is increasingly polluted and mistreated by the waste discarded by humans has awakened her environmental activism. But she did not limit herself to a typical activism, but fused it with her artistic talent to create unique pieces of art from waste collected at seaside. The benefits that she obtains are destined to found initiatives for the cleanliness of the sea all over the world. In this way, Lauren manages to create a little justice and return to the sea a little of what she gives us. That sea that we all love and give us so much.
We only have one planet, and we have to make sure that future generations will be able to enjoy it as much as we do.

Vermont Wood & Art Designs

Rebecca Davis, from Vermont, is a wood artist with a very peculiar style. She uses wood as a canvas and the pyrograph as a brush to draw figures such as trees, flowers or animals in their pieces of wood. Pieces such as spoons, cutting boards for vegetables … The drawings are inspired by the beauty of the famous state of Vermont. A look back to not lose the essence of the traditional and simple, maintaining a pure and very nice elegance in her pieces, which transmit serenity and calm.