Quantum Tech HD Youtube Channel received a total of 706.337.843 views, has more than 2,5 millions suscribers, with hundreds of videos and thousands of hours. 

For the configuration of the videos, the Quantum Tech HD team decided to group the different clips into well-differentiated themes so that the user can find what they are looking for quickly through the title and thumbnail. However, Quantum Tech HD is characterized by the diversity and uniqueness of its content and uses the comments of users that appear in the videos to acquire feedback and thus better adapt the content to what the audience is looking for.

Currently we can differentiate 4 outstanding families in the channel, furniture, inventions, artists and machines.

For each of these families, Quantum Tech HD has a dedicated team that stays in contact with companies, artists or FreeLancers to select the correct content and then edit the video.


Most Satisfying Washing Machines and Ingenious Tools

New Inventions That Are At Another Level

Industrial Food Machines That Are At Another Level

Incredible Construction Inventions and Ingenious Machines

New Inventions Of Bicycles That Are At Another Level